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TSV-350 Vulcan 350 Lumen Tail Light


Our Brightest Tail Light Yet!

Enhanced Side Visibility Design

350 Lumens / 2 Solid & 3 Flash Modes

USB C Rechargeable

Unique Fin Lens Design Provides Enhanced Long Distance Visibility While Creating A 270 Degree Field of Attention-Grabbing Rear and Side Illumination

TSV-130/350 Vulcan Tail Light User Manual

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Limited Lifetime Warranty
Serfas® warrants to the original purchaser that the product is free of defects in material, construction, and/or workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Battery Warranty – One Year Coverage
Serfas® batteries are covered by a 1 year warranty from the original date of purchase.


  • 350 Lumens (Daytime Flash)
  • Three Super Bright CREE® LEDs
  • Finned Lens Design Provides 270 Degree Visibility
  • LED Charge Indicator
  • Auto Safe Mode*
  • Daytime Flash Mode
  • Up To 20 Hours Runtime
  • USB C Rechargeable
  • Aero Post Compatible Bracket
  • Solid Modes:
    • High (140 Lumens): 1 hr 30 mins
    • Low (35 Lumens): 6 hrs
  • Flash Modes:
    • Daytime Flash (350 Lumens): 19 hrs
    • High Flash (200 Lumens): 9 hrs
    • Low Flash (50 Lumens): 20 hrs
    • *Auto Safe Mode Extends Runtime Additional 45 mins
  • Weight: 52 Grams w/ Bracket
  • Battery: 1050 mAh Lithium Polymer
  • Product Package Contents:
    • (1) Vulcan 350 Tail Light
    • (1) USB C Charging Cable
    • (1) Serfas Aero Tail Light Bracket
    • (2) Rubber Multi-Straps (1 Long, 1 Short)

TSV-130/350 Vulcan Tail Light User Manual

5 reviews for TSV-350 Vulcan 350 Lumen Tail Light

  1. Mark

    I have a lot of bike lights from Serfas and many other competitors. I really like Serfas’ rear lights and think they have a best in class rear mounting system, which works exceptionally well on round and aero tubes. The light itself is 51 grams, and the light with the mounting bracket are 69 grams. I purchased two of these lights when they first came out and my partner and I have used them many times, so far. I have been looking for a super bright daylight rear light that also has a very low setting for night time group cycling rides. I like using the 200 lumen flash for the daytime, as it’s more frequent than the 350 flash. The 350 setting does not seem to be much brighter than the 200 flash. Maybe it is, but I can’t tell visually. I have a competitors light that advertises 350 lumens, and the competitors 350 option appears a bit brighter thanks the Serfas, but it’s much heavier, and their mount and battery life are poor. The Serfas 350 advertises a 15 lumen low solid setting. Theoretically this light would be ideal for all my needs. This would be ideal for group rides, but I don’t think the Vulcan 350 goes that low. I compared my two Vulcan 350 lights on the solid 15 lumen setting, to the Serfas Scorpius 130’s solid 15 lumen setting, and the Scorpius is much dimmer, perfect for night group rides. I’m taking off 1 Star for a low setting brighter than advertised (in my opinion and compared to their other lights) and I think 350 lumen flash is a little gimmicky (too long a pause between flash output). I’ve used the light for up to 3 hours at a time, and the battery has been fine on each of my rides. I have not done any specific battery testing, Overall, it is very good, and being used on every ride.

    • Serfas

      Hi Mark, Thanks so much for your feedback on the new Vulcan series tail light. We always appreciate hearing from the people that use our products as all user insight, criticisms, and compliments are evaluated and taken into consideration during future product development. In order of mention – * Flash intervals, especially in high output modes such as the 350 daytime flash, are designed in large consideration to thermal management which is necessary to effectively balance output and battery life while allowing the LED chip a cool down period as it cycles on and off, an otherwise overheated LED chip results in inefficient battery consumption and shortened run times as well as decreased overall lifespan of the LED and other components. ** Unless all factors are the same it can be tricky to directly compare two 350 lumen lights from different manufacturers, battery performance, lens design, LED color temperature, and especially LED chip type and style have the greatest impact on perceived brightness and actual measured output *** The correct numbers for the Vulcan 350 in solid low mode is 35 lumens while the Vulcan 130 in solid low outputs 15 lumens, if you have discovered an error in the product documentation please call or email our warranty department as they can properly relay that information. We thank you again for taking the time to share your experience with us and hope you continue to enjoy all of your Serfas products! – The Serfas Team

  2. Mark

    Just a quick follow up to my review above. It’s quite possible that I read the incorrect specs on another website about the Vulcan 350- or maybe it had the Vulcan 130 description inadvertently under the 350 or possibly I was just incorrect. I would like to correct another item- I was comparing the Vulcan 350 flash to a competitor’s 300 lumen flash. The competitor ‘seems’ a bit brighter (and you give an explanation above how that might be the case), but, far inferior on every other level, including horrendous battery life. So, I handily still give the nod the the Serfas Vulcan. I just wish Serfas would have had a true group ride friendly solid and/or blinking option- in the 15 to 20 lumen range, as seen on the Vulcan 130. This group ride setting should be strongly considered in all of their brighter rear lights. All that being said- the Vulcan is a very strong candidate for a cyclist to consider as their rear light, whether you have a Road, Time Trial, Aero Road, MTB, etc. bike.

    • Serfas

      Hi Mark, We appreciate the followup! We have noted your suggestion regarding an even more reduced output group-ride friendly low solid/low flash mode, this information has been passed to our Product Development team. We thank you again for your continuous support and feedback! – The Serfas Team

  3. Ken D

    Just purchased 2 of these. Quality looks excellent. These are super bright, just what we wanted for road bike riding on winding hilly tree- shaded country roads. Charged quickly, has an range of settings, multiple flash settings. Charging port below covered with rubber cap seems good. Mount is made for seat post primarily. Our seat post is obstructed by seat bags.The 2 Included silicon type straps are each too small to mount on our frame and cannot mount on seat bag. We simply used both silicone straps, 1 looped through the other, and it fits the frame below seat bag fine as a great temp solution. Overall very pleased, highly recommend. Good quality price relationship.

  4. aaron gerth

    I love this light. I’ve been using this light in the daytime and nighttime hours. It’s super bright and I feel it makes me more visible while out on road rides in the rural areas that I live. Great battery life, lightweight and super easy to use with the adjustable seatpost clamp.

    • Serfas

      Glad to hear it! Thanks for the feedback and support 😀 – The Serfas Team

  5. Mark Solow, Pathfinders Fun Cycling

    I have tried several Serfas tail lights over the years. I started organizing and leading rides 10+ years ago and tell new riders, “A good tail light can save your life!” So, get the best tail light you can find. i.e. What’s your life worth? That’s why I always get Serfas lights. They are consistently the best quality, engineering and warrantee, period. Every time I think Serfas has produced the best, they always surprise me with newer and better. The Vulcan is proof Serfas’s innovative engineering. Now there’s a tail light that makes you visible from not only the back, but from the sides too! Thank you Serfas continuing to make cyclists’ lives safer!

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