TSL-2500 Headlight w/ External Battery (2500 Lumens)


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Quick Overview

Our brightest and most powerful light to date!!!

With 2500 lumens of power at your fingertips, the TSL-2500 also features an integrated USB outlet for on-the-go accessories charging. Other notable features include Ram Air Cooling for increased brightness and longer LED life, while the extra nylon and alloy construction provides superior shock resistance.

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  • USB Port Allows Battery To Be Used As A Back Up Power Supply When Traveling Or Riding
  • Includes Wired Remote
  • Ram Air Cooling for Increased Brightness & Longer LED Life
  • Includes Quick Release Handlebar & Helmet Mount & 3 Foot Extension Cable
  • Optional TL-80 (80 Lumens)
  • Wired Tail Light Available


  • Modes: Overdrive (2500 Lumens): 1.75 hrs, High (1600 Lumens): 2.75 hrs, Medium (1000 Lumens): 4 hours, Low (600 Lumens): 7.5 hrs
  • Weight: 540 Grams With Battery
  • PANASONIC® 4-Cell Li-Ion, 6400 mAh

TSL-2500 Instructions

8 reviews for TSL-2500 Headlight w/ External Battery (2500 Lumens)

  1. Josh

    First impressions…This light is simply amazing ! It’s just like riding in daylight on its highest setting. Will comment again after some rigorous use.

  2. Steve Warner

    I ride single track at night at least once a week and this headlight is hands down the best. I ride with a group of riders and they all envy the amount of light that projects from this headlight. Battery life is good and USB charging port on the battery is an added bonus. I recommend this light, especially for off road single track where a clear view of the trail is essential.

  3. Shaun

    I’ve been riding with cheap lights for several years and finally upgraded to the TSL-2500. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I ride weekly at night with a group of guys with insane lighting setups and I can finally keep up now. The mount is great, easy to adjust and never moves once you set it. Battery life has been plenty for my 2 hourish rides and the amount of light is great too. This light is plenty for most any sort of trail riding you’d do. The remote button is a nice addition also.

  4. Patrick Goral

    I have tried many different high end lights over the years, and have never found anything that come close to the tsl-2500. The battery life is incredible, with the included remote I can fine tune the light to fit my needs and save a ton of battery run time. I’m used to always running a helmet light, because it allows me to have light where I am looking. This light is bright enough to leave it on the bar and still have a full range of sight. This leaves my helmet free, and the battery out of my hydration pack. All in all, I love it!

  5. Dan Fear

    Lucky enough to have my wife buy this for me for Xmas last year. I use it mainly for mountain bike night rides but have night ski toured with it also. It’s definitely the most reliable and brightest out of all the night lights I’ve seen in use. Would highly recommend to anyone.

  6. Richard Williams

    As way of background -I owned the older 1200 TSL Headlamp (loved it). Currently, I am now the owner of the 2500 headlamp. Simply put – IT IS AMAZING. I ride considerable amount of time at night and headlamps for night riding are essential for the hotter months in Utah – ride at night and it is 70 degrees with no one on the trials.

    BACK TO THE LIGHT – the beam is wonderful – riding time various depending on the level used but very good.
    Coolest thing – is even on low – it puts out a staggering amount of light.

    In addition to valuing the brightest light on the mountain – is SERFAS’ amazing customer service. I have not had any big issues – however SERFAS customer service has been wonderful. I know that if there is a problem – this company will stand behind their product.


    • Serfas

      Richard, We appreciate the rave review and happy to know your TSL-2500 is making your nighttime rides possible! We hear ya on your summertime ride strategy, the same applies for us out here in lovely AZ, have to do what you can to beat the heat! Always pleased to hear from a satisfied customer and we thank you for making Serfas your go-to for your lighting needs, take care. – The Serfas Team

  7. The bear

    This is a great light hands down nothing better that I have ever seen and such quality I’m happy to say that I will always stay with this company when it comes to these quality of lights they’re the best.

  8. Steve White

    Fantastic. Works so well on the mountain bike, I am also using it on my 140cc dirt bike. This light is the best of the best. It puts out enormous amounts of bright white light. The design is a flawless example of fine engineering. Very impressive performance.

    • Serfas

      Steve, We couldn’t be more stoked to hear how well the TSL-2500 is working out for you! We appreciate your feedback and support and wish you many many more miles of enjoyment riding with your Serfas light! Thanks again 😀 – The Serfas Team

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