TL-HLMT 3-LED Helmet Light


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Quick Overview

Small Package – Bright Punch!

Compact Lightweight Form Factor

3-LED Triangular Design w/ Passive CPSC Reflector Technology

Universal Fit System

130 Hrs Flash Runtime

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  • 3 Red LED System Perfect For Helmet Mounting
  • Reflector Built Into Body
  • Includes Post Mount Adapter & Long Velcro Mounting Straps


  • Modes: Solid, 2 Flashing
  • Runtime: Steady: 95 hrs, Flashing: 130 hrs
  • Weight: 20 Grams With Bracket
  • Battery: Includes Lithium CR 2032

4 reviews for TL-HLMT 3-LED Helmet Light

  1. Tom Ruth

    The TL-HLMT light has an amazing output in all 3 modes. I find the most important thing is to be seen at night. This light gives me confidence riding around any city in traffic.

  2. Lynn Winchester

    This is a great light, it has stayed in place very well. I’m not sure if I accidentally left the light on or not so I cant say how long the batteries last. The only thing that I did not like is the fact that it cost me the same amount of money to replace the batteries in it as the light cost. Rechargable lights are the way to go are far as cost efficiency.

  3. Mark Solow

    Best $12 you’ll ever spend on a bike accessory! Keep one on every helmet. Some I had to buy the extra-long velcro cable wraps at Walmart because of wider hole configurations. But, a very small price to pay for safety. Positives: 1. Powerful. 2. Ergonomic: Designed to fit inside the hole in the back of bike helmets. 3. Small and lightweight. 4. Never needs charging. 5. Inexpensive. 6: At the highest point, so it can be seen further away. Negatives: 1. No auto turn-off circuit. i.e. If you forget to turn it off, it will run down the batteries. 2. Takes two watch batteries. Replacements can cost almost as much as the light—unless you buy them in bulk on eBay like I do. Some may consider it disposable at $12. Can be a life saver if you forgot to recharge your tail light!

  4. Aldo Ghirin

    Besides two tail lights on my seat stays, I like having a third tail light at a higher plane for good visibility, especially if you are on one side of a hill crest and a car approaches behind you from the other side of the crest. I bought this and love the different modes, and the price. But come on: you provide the batteries, like most blinkers do now, but only supply a very short strap?? Most helmets are built with a thick foam layer; and if you have a MIPS helmet like I do, that limits the holes you can choose. Thanks to another reviewer I will try it with a Velcro strap that I will buy, but this seems like an engineering fail in an otherwise engineering success. Of course, it may not be the engineers fault, Mr. MBA CEO! So three stars for an otherwise five star product.

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