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Tried and true, the Serfas® SBC Bike Case has been allowing cyclists protect their bikes while traveling since 1997.

The Serfas® SBC is the perfect choice for traveling with your bike, whether flying across the country or simply keeping it stowed in the back of a vehicle, the heavy duty Polyethylene shell and internal foam protective layers is going to protect your bike from hard knocks, bangs, and potential dents and scrapes. Once closed, the built-in heavy duty steel latches allow locking to keep your bike safe and secure.

2012 BikeRadar: Best Value Award for Bike Boxes & Bags – “Simple, solidly built and good value, with good security features” (4/5 Stars) – Warren Rossiter, Senior Technical Editor

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  • Two Heavy Duty Casters For Easy Mobility
  • Bulletproof Polyethylene Shell
  • Fits Most Bikes Up To 29’r (w/ Bike Disassembly)
  • Four Stainless Steel Locking Latches For Ultimate Security
  • Includes Three Foam Protective Layers & Internal Tie Down Straps


  • External size: 47″x30″x11″
  • Internal size: 44″x27″x9.75″
  • Weight: 31lbs

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6 reviews for SBC Serfas® Bike Case

  1. David Santos

    This is an awesome case! I have used other cases in the past, but this case made traveling to our bike race a breeze. It is easy to pack all kinds of extra tools, pumps, etc in the case as well. The wheels fit perfectly and everything arrived in perfect shape. I highly recommend this case to anyone looking for a well priced plastic bike travel case.

  2. mick grethe

    had this case for about three years, done 2 trips in the us, 2 trips to europe and bike case is bomb proof, my road bike is 63 cm and fits easily. case is easy to wheel about but is obviously heavier to lift compared to a cardboard box. my brother used a soft case with internal frame and suffered a deep scatch on his carbon bike so the serfas case just inspires safety and confidence for travel. i like the clamps and used padlocks to secure on one trip-this was a utter pain to go thru customs and open them so i used zip ties to secure the latches and these are definitely the way to go. bomber purchase, definitely worth the cash if you put your bike on a plane once or twice a year. buy one or talk a friend into it and borrow theirs

  3. John Litherland

    Why does this product review form need to know what state I live in? I don’t live in the USA. I’m from BC Canada. Anyway… I have had a SERFACE BIKE CASE for a 3 years. It is served me well. The only big problems have been when

    traveling to the USA when a border inspection officer ,while inspecting the contents, only opened 2 latches on one side and then

    pried open the lid resulting in 2 latches on the other side being bent. I bent them back but now the 2 latches don’t work as well. The little rubber legs on the side of the case did not last one trip. They got ripped apart on the first trip. So the only damage has been on the outside of the case. My bike and other contents have done well.

  4. Matthew C Taylor

    I have this case and it does a great job. My road bike is a size 57 and it is a snug fit. I would not try to put much larger of a bike in it. I tried to put an XL 29er hardtail in it so a buddy could use it. Don’t know how Serfas can say any 29er will fit. Unless you take the tires off the rim they don’t fit without jamming them in. And forget about putting the frame in there without complete disassembly. Road bike great! MTB not so much.

  5. John

    Flew from Florida to Ireland to France and back to Florida. I recommend this case beyond any other. Its tough and strong.
    Ok its BIG but I put so much extra into the case besides just the bike.
    Pump, helmet, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 tyres, extra tubes, 4 extra water bottles along with all my bib shorts and shirts and still lots of space for more.
    My road bike is a size 56 and easily fit with the rear derailleur removed and handlebars turned, pedals must be inverted to fit the wheels on top.
    Overall a great case. But awkward dragging it through airports with a suitcase too.

    • Serfas

      John, Thanks so much for your insightful feedback and hope you continue to get plenty of use out of your Serfas SBC 🙂 – The Serfas Team

  6. Seve

    I owned this case for 5 years. I ride a 60in road frame and was able to still fit my pump, hemet, shoes, and small tool kit inside. It travelled with me on 4 trips to Italy, 2 to France, several within USA and it performed flawlessly. I simply removed the seat post and turned the handlebars, removed the pedals and wheels. 20 minutes start to case closure and vice versa. Great product! Great conversation starter at the airport, too. I sold it because I got a bike with a non removable seat mast. Recently was hit by a car, totaling the bike and now am in the market for a new one. I would buy this case again! Better than anything out there, trust me.

    • Serfas

      Awesome to hear all the places you’ve been able to ride! Happy travels 😀

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