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Replacement Frame

  • Fits All Portal Lenses.

Qty Available: 0
Quantity: Each

Price: $20.00
Temporarily Unavailable


Replacement Lenses

  • Brown Lenses are Best Suited for Sunny & Bright Light Conditions.

Qty Available: 2
Quantity: Pair

Price: $10.00


Replacement Lenses

Portal Lens Clear

  • Clear Lenses Protect your Eyes From Wind & Insects.
  • Best Suited for Low Light or Night Riding Conditions.

Qty Available: 18
Quantity: Pair

Price: $10.00


Replacement Lenses

Portal Lens Photochromic Grey

  • Photochromic Lenses Adjust Automatically to the Current Light Conditions to Optimize Your Outdoor Experience.

Qty Available: 22
Quantity: Pair

Price: $25.00


Replacement Lenses

Portal Lens Polarized Brown

  • Polarized Brown Lenses are Best Suited for Sunny & Bright Light Conditions. 
  • The Polarization Helps Read Terrain & Eliminates Glare.

Qty Available: 3
Quantity: Pair

Price: $35.00


Replacement Lenses

Portal Lens Rose

  • Rose Lenses are Best Suited for Low to Medium Light Conditions & Offers the Ability to Read Terrain Better.

Qty Available: 6
Quantity: Pair

Price: $10.00


Replacement Lenses

Portal Lens Rust

  • Rust Lenses are Best Suited for Low to Medium Light Conditions & Enhances the Ability to Read Terrain.

Qty Available: 20
Quantity: Pair

Price: $10.00


Replacement Nose Piece

Replacement Metal Nose Bridge with Pads

  • This Adjustable Metal Nose Bridge Fits All: Arena, Pavement, Pienza, Sike Out, Kamber, Kamber Lite, and Portal Models & Includes the Rubber Nose Pads.

Qty Available: 829
Quantity: Each

Price: $3.00


Replacement Nose Pads

Replacement Nose Pads (2)

  • Replacement Nose Pads Fit: Sike, Sike Out, Kamber, Pavement, Portal, Pienza, and Arena.

Qty Available: 2229
Quantity: Pair

Price: $2.50


Replacement Bag

  • Microfiber Bag
  • Stores Your Glasses & Doubles as a Cleaning Cloth to Clean Your Glasses.
Qty Available: 23
Color: Black

Price: $2.00


Replacement Hard Case

  • Fits All Serfas Optics
  • Protective Carrying Hard Case Protects Your Serfas Optics.

Qty Available: 4
Quantity: Each

Price: $5.00


Replacement Lens Pouch

Fits inside your case

  • This is the Soft Lens Pouch for Holding Your Additional Lenses.
  • It Fits Inside the Protective Carrying Case.

Qty Available: 21
Quantity: Each

Price: $2.00
Viewing 1-12 of 12 result(s).

Replacement parts for Portal Sunglasses