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  • CTR Drifter City

    Drifter City CTR


    Serfas© Most Popular & Best Selling Tire

    Serfas® Drifters Give You The Confidence And Freedom To Ride Almost Any Environment

    Fast Rolling Inverted Tread Pattern

    Durable Construction With Reliable Flat Protection System

    Capable Dual Density Tread Provides Speed And Grip Across Various Surfaces

  • CTRB Survivor Drifter S

    CTRB Survivor Drifter S


    One of our most popular Serfas® tires with the Flat Protection of our Survivor Series.

  • MEO-CTR Drifter City Tire


    Serfas® MEO Series Drifters give you speed and confidence to ride a variety of surfaces.

    Designed with a smart inverted tread pattern the Serfas® MEO Series Drifter provides high performance handling and speed on road with less rolling resistance while boasting impressive versatility and grip on loose surfaces like dirt and gravel.

    Wire Bead – 30 TPI – Inverted Tread Design

  • GMK-F2.0 Gator Front MTB

    GMK-F2.0 Gator Front MTB

    Serfas® Gator Is A Capable All Terrain Cross Country Tire With Grippy Inner And Outer Lugs and Tread Spacing That Can Easily Eject Mud And Stone.

    Gator F (Front) – Features Center Medium Height Directional Tread Designed For Excellent Bite, Control, And Handling

    FPS Flat Protection System

    Dual Density Tread

  • MEO-26-2.1

    MEO-29-2.1 Sheriff MTB


    Fast Rolling Directional Tread

    Cross Country Tread Pattern

    Tread Siping For Improved Wet Weather Traction

  • MEO-26-1.95

    MEO-26-1.95 Deputy City


    Great All-Around Performance

    Fast Rolling Center Tread For Straight Line Speed – Large Tread Shoulder Lugs Grip In The Corners

    Tread Siping Improves Wet Weather Traction

    Long-Wearing Tire Compound

  • STKB Survivor Seca

    STKB SECA Survivor Road


    Serfas© Most Puncture Resistant Road Tire

    Constructed Using A Durable Composition Resistant To Punctures In Most Riding Conditions.

    Serfas© Survivor Series Tires Utilize Ballistic Nylon And Our Impervious Composite Matrix Under The Tread In Addition To 25% Thicker Rubber To Help Protect Against Thorns And Common Sharp Road Debris.

  • HHP Tuono Hybrid

    HHP Tuono Hybrid


    Serfas® Tuono Hybrid Is Fast In The Straights With A Slick Center Tread While Its Subtle Outer Tread Pattern Inspires Confidence In The Corners On Less Than Ideal Road Surfaces

    Great Capable Tire For Commuting

    FPS® Flat Protection System

    Dual Density® Tread

  • STK SECA RS Road Folding

    STK SECA RS Road Folding

    Serfas© SECA RS Folding Tires Are A Lightweight Supple Road Training Tire

    Performance That Punches Above Its Price Point

    Often Compared To Rivals Offerings Costing At Least Twice As Much


  • STK Seca Road Wire Bead

    STK SECA Road Wire Bead


    Serfas® Wire Bead SECA Tires Provide Great Road Feel And Durability

    FPS Flat Protection System

    Fast Rolling SECA Series

    Reflective Sidewall Options Available On Select Models

    Customer Feedback:
    “…installed these tires in various shops I’ve worked in for many years. I find the ride quality to be superb for a tire at this price. Overall performance is almost insane for a training-priced tire…”

  • MTBK Krest MTB

    MTBK Krest MTB


    The Serfas® Krest MTB Is Capable Of Finding Grip In The Roughest Of Environments

    Knobby Lugged Tread Design Provides Plenty Bite And Grip

    Tread Spacing Ejects Dirt And Debris Buildup

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